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Path Home Radio Episode Library


The MISSION: EVOLUTION Topic Driven Episode Collections are handpicked from Gwilda Wiyaka’s internationally broadcast: MISSION: EVOLUTION Radio Show programs, as she interviews today’s leading experts, providing valuable tools for the evolving human being on

Knowledge is Power!

There’s no question that these are volatile and evolutionary times. 

In order to support in depth exploration of pertinent, leading edge subjects by way of numerous authorities and viewpoints, we are launching Mission: Evolution Topic Driven Episode Collections. Collections of current and past episodes dealing with specific subject matter will periodically be made available, free of charge, as we send them out to our Email Family. Encourage your friends to join us! To receive their copies, have them sign up with our email family!


Episode Collection # 6

I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!

Why Diets Fail and What to Do About It

Every year, I swear I will have better control - that I won't pig-out again. Every year, the same thing happens. In spite of my best intentions to stay present and in control, the Holiday Glutton Demon possesses me. He's a sneaky little beastie, whispering in my ear that all that gooey wonderfulness won't really hurt me - that I just think I'm allergic to it.

After the holidays, the faithless fiend deserts me, leaving me alone with the results of my folly.

Now, fat I can deal with. I am high energy and don't have much problem there. However, the bloat from toxic overload? Suffice it to say, I'm in a world of hurt. I used to mistake the bloat for fat, and try dieting it away. I've found there is more to weight gain than meets the eye (or waistline).

If we try to diet away toxicity, we are compounding the problem.

I have no illusions that I'm the only one the Glutton Demon visited this year. Yet we are all very different, and thus require different approaches to the art of exorcism.

With this in mind, I've compiled some very powerful and informative "The Science of Magic Radio" interviews I've hosted over the last years, with some of the top experts on diet, health and detoxification.

The following episode collection is my gift in helping you find your personal method to exorcise the demon.

To your health.

With love,

~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~


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Episode Collection # 5


Our dreams have always been a mystery, yet we spend over one third of our lives in the dreamscape. There are many kinds of dreams. Dreams help us process the experiences of our day. In the dreamscape, we often commune with others - some on this side of the veil, as well as with those that have crossed over. Some dreams are interactive and lucid, much like astral projection or remote viewing, and others are prophetic. In short, we are psychic in our dreams. The following episodes showcase leading dream experts, shedding light on the mysterious land of dreams.


Gwilda Wiyaka


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Episode Collection # 4



Times are changing, things accelerating, and the old ways rapidly failing. Each of us is confronted with a very difficult choice: hang on to the old and go down with it, or let go of what we think we know and evolve with the times. Following are some of the leading edge thinkers on the subject of human evolution and personal empowerment.


Gwilda Wiyaka


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Episode Collection # 3

Modern Day Health Challenges

In An Evolving World

One thing ancient shaman understood is that all true healing is achieved through frequency correction. The original shaman were frequency masters. Increasingly, frequency can be measured and understood by science. Once again, science and magic come together to address the growing health problems of our time.


Gwilda Wiyaka


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Episode Collection # 2

The Human Heart - The Great Connector

One of the most misunderstood organs in the body is the human heart. It is viewed as a simple mechanical pump. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Heart is actually the link between spirit and the mundane, between humans and all things. Through the heart, we can not only connect with the world, but change it.

Don't miss these two amazing episodes where Gwilda and her guests share leading edge scientific information on the true functioning of the human heart.


Gwilda Wiyaka


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Episode Collection # 1


As we evolve and obtain more personal power, a huge topic affecting us all is spiritual power and its responsible use.

We’ve been dis-empowered for so long, we have lost our understanding of how powerful we really are and how power works.

For generations, our power has either been exploited by the systems or wielded unconsciously.

In this, the first of The Science of Magic Topic Driven Episode Collections, expert, progressive guests and I will explore spiritual power and how to access and responsibly wield it for the betterment of our world.


Gwilda Wiyaka


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