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In the vast realm of spirituality and personal development, certain individuals shine as beacons of knowledge and inspiration. Gwilda Wiyaka, a remarkable woman with an impressive range of skills, has earned her place among those luminaries. From her captivating radio and TV show, MISSION: Evolution, to her extensive work as an author, teacher, speaker, and shaman, Wiyaka has dedicated her life to empowering others on their own evolutionary paths.

Gwilda has studied shamanism for over fifty years, been a practitioner for thirty years, and a teacher of the shamanic arts since 1996. Widely traveled, her shamanic teachers include practitioners and elders from numerous countries and traditions, including Celtic, Tibetan, Siberian, Lakota, Navajo, Choctaw, Seneca, and Arapaho.

Wiyaka was the founder and director of Path Home Shamanic Arts School, a Colorado State certified occupational school of the shamanic arts, for which she authored all the curriculum and texts. She has created leading edge online Galactic Shamanism Classes to promote personal empowerment during our rapidly shifting times. They can be found on

She is a preceptor for the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where she provides instruction to medical doctors on the modern interface between shamanism and allopathic medicine.

Beyond the airwaves, Gwilda Wiyaka has shared her wisdom and experiences through her insightful books. Her works, such as "So, We're Still Here. Now What?" and "The Science of Magic" have resonated with countless readers, providing unique perspectives and practical guidance for personal growth and spiritual evolution. Wiyaka's engaging writing style, deep understanding of ancient teachings, and integration of modern science make her books valuable resources for those seeking profound insights.

Gwilda Wiyaka's passion for knowledge and transformation extends to her role as a teacher and speaker. Through workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements, she imparts her expertise, empowering individuals to embrace their own evolutionary journeys. With a focus on practical application and experiential learning, Wiyaka's teachings provide tangible tools for personal growth, expanded awareness, and living authentically.

As a shaman, Gwilda Wiyaka brings ancient wisdom and spiritual practices into our modern world. Rooted in indigenous traditions and drawing upon her own experiences, she offers individuals the opportunity to reclaim their connections to nature, spirit, and themselves. Wiyaka's approach embraces both the mystical and the practical, promoting a harmonious balance between the ancient and the contemporary.

In exploring the multifaceted talents of Gwilda Wiyaka, we discover a remarkable individual dedicated to facilitating personal and collective transformation. Through her radio and TV show, MISSION: Evolution, her enlightening books, teaching endeavors, and shamanic practices, Wiyaka empowers individuals to embrace their evolutionary paths with authenticity and wisdom. Her contributions have undeniably enriched the lives of many, offering a guiding light on the journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Gwilda is the host of MISSION: EVOLUTION Radio/TV. Her past episodes can be found on She is the creator and host of The Stairway to Heaven TV: Her Radio and TV shows are broadcast internationally through the “X” Zone Broadcasting Network, and the ‘X’ Zone TV Channel on SimulTV.

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These are indeed interesting times as we undergo powerful transformation. All the rules are changing and old structures rapidly failing. Where do we find guidance and support when the “tried and true” is no longer true?

Shamanism is a practice used for over 50,000 years to access matter at the quantum level. By accessing and managing quantum level information, we can not only find safe passage through uncertainty, but heal into our true design and co-create the future we wish to live.

Welcome to the ever evolving Path Home, a leading edge information, education and healing resource center!

Based on sound principles employed by shaman worldwide, this ancient practice can support us through the current unprecedented transitions. We offer: online shamanic classes for personal growth and development; national and international long distance shamanic healing sessions performed by Path Home certified shamanic practitioners; and our new radio show library, Path Home Radio Episode Library featuring MISSION: EVOLUTION  Radio Show where host Gwilda Wiyaka speaks with experienced and respected scientists and mystics. In collaboration with these gifted people of service to the world, she weaves unprecedented leading edge information, so needed in these rapidly changing times. All the above is designed to inform, support and empower you through these times of change as we expand our reality and co-create a brave new world. 

Path Home Shamanic Arts Center is designed to bring into modern practice the powerful, tried and true shamanic skills employed by indigenous peoples for over 40,000 years.



Created and taught by Certified Shamanic Instructor Gwilda Wiyaka


Each Galactic Shamanism class includes a link to the video lesson with unlimited views, a student handout, and a test of completion that will be personally graded. Upon passing the test you will receive a certificate of completion that serves as prerequisite for advanced studies.

All the classes in the Galactic Shamanism Series employ the circular learning technique and therefore build upon each other.

It is important to take them in order. This provides the greatest understanding of the material to achieve the complete skill set.

*** Never have these classes been more needed than during these challenging and uncertain times. It is our sincere hope they offer you guidance and comfort as we co-create a new world. ***

Testimonials About Our Classes:

"The knowledge of this medicine wheel class is the foundation to Shamanism. The content is beautiful from start to finish. The information builds as do the classes. Worth the investment and worth taking the time to learn this valuable information which is beneficial every day when practiced. If you are curious in the way life works and want to understand, these classes are for you." - Christie Alane


"Prior to studying with Gwilda, I knew I had gifts but was unable to focus and direct them in a processed way. I responded to life with my own personal wounds and triggers and was unable to see outside the box/boxes, “I couldn’t see the forest for the trees” type of serrano.  Though, I have much more personal work to do, I am now able to entertain and perceive new concepts and ideas without reacting and less judgements. I don’t use my gifts for my own personal agendas, and I am more present in day to day life. I am thankful/grateful to have had the opportunity to study under and with her.  The work she offers is leading edge for the modern times of today as well as holding true to sacred traditions." - Jessica Lujan       

Galactic Shamanism: Of Earth

Class # 1


Galactic Shamanism: Of Earth

Class # 2




Galactic Shamanism: Of Earth

Class # 3

SANCTUARY: The Shamanic Art of Sacred Space



Galactic Shamanism: Of Earth

Class # 4

POWER ANIMALS: The Shamanic Art of Shape Shifting



Galactic Shamanism: Of Earth

Class # 5

ELEMENTALS & FAERY FOLK: Gateways Between Worlds






Mission: Evolution Radio Show, is an internationally broadcast radio program dedicated to bringing together today’s leading experts to uncover ever deepening spiritual truths and the latest scientific developments in support of the evolution of humankind.

You can always listen to Gwilda Wiyaka past shows with her very interesting guests at the Mission: Evolution website at



Be part of the discussion. Come share thoughts with today’s leading experts to uncover ever deepening spiritual truths and the latest scientific developments in support of the evolution of humankind.

OnLine Courses

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Online classes for children by Path Home founder and director Gwilda Wiyaka..


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